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The Sons of Tannhäuser

 The Sons of Tannhäuser are a secret society whose origins date back to the 15th century, around the year 1430, and whose members, who are suspected of having included celebrities such as Richard Wagner or Ludwig Bechstein, follow in the footsteps of the legendary Tannhäuser.

Sons of Tannhauser


Tannhäuser was a German poet and Minnesänger, born into a family of knights from the Salzburg area, the Knights of Thannhausen, who resided in their castle at Tannhausen, near Ellwangen and Dinkelsbühl.

Tannhäuser was an active member of the court of Frederick II of Austria, and according to the Codex Manesse he would have taken the habits of the Teutonic Order, and participated in the Fifth Crusade.

After this he would have led a life as a wandering poet in Germany, composing lyrical poetry and songs (Tanzlieder).

Upon his death, the legend was born according to which Tannhäuser would have found the Venusberg, the subterranean abode of the goddess Venus, where he would have spent seven years of his life given over to the pleasures of the goddess.

The Venusberg (in German, Venus Mountain), is the name of a mythical mountain in Germany located between Gotha and Eisenach. The mountain caverns house the court of Venus, goddess of love, who was supposed to be perfectly hidden from mortals: entering there meant eternal perdition, and the ultimate erotic adventure.

According to legend, after leaving the Venusberg, Tannhäuser felt remorse and traveled to Rome to ask Pope Urbano IV if it was possible for him to be absolved of his sins.

Urbano replied that forgiveness was as impossible as it would be for his cane to flourish. Three days after Tannhäuser left, Urbano's cane blossomed. Messengers were sent for the knight, but he had already returned to the Venusberg and was never seen again.

The Daughters of Venus

For the Children of Tannhäuser the legend is true, although hidden behind metaphors that obscure the real meaning of Tannhäuser's discovery.
For the members of this organization, what really happened is that by chance Tannhäuser discovered a group of what they call "Daughters of Venus", female secret societies that coexist daily with the world without being discovered, and who live according to certain principles among which are the impossibility of denying the desires of any man who demands obedience from them to fulfill their carnal desires, the permanent care of their physical beauty to be irresistible to the opposite sex, and the desire to search for perfection through male pleasure.

Daughter of Venus

For the Sons of Tannhäuser there are groups, such as the White Ladies, who make up what they call the Daughters of Venus, and whose existence is protected exclusively by anonymity.
The Sons of Tannhäuser maintain that the Venusberg is nothing more than the discovery of the existence of one of these groups, and that the man who manages to identify one of its members will be at what they call the Gates of Tannhäuser.
The man who manages to discover one of these groups of women would find a virtually inexhaustible source of pleasure, since he would obtain from them pleasure and obedience in exchange for their silence, which would be what Tannhäuser would have discovered.
The oath of the Sons of Tannhäuser is to search for these "Venusberg" and share it exclusively with the other members of their brotherhood.

Although there is abundant evidence for the existence of the White Ladies, as well as abundant references to Tannhäuser and his followers, there are those who question the nature of the quest for the Sons of Tannhäuser, and while there are scholars who favor that the group maintains a metaphysical search, in pursuit of reaching the true Venusberg, others maintain that it is about more mundane and pragmatic objectives, the identification of the "Daughters of Venus" as a way to achieve physical pleasure, without other further goals.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Social media in education

Social media in education
Nowadays, social networks are a fundamental tool. There are many opinions that technology allows to speed up education, but at the same time it can reduce it. We must bear in mind that social networks have changed the way we communicate, socialize, how to conduct new business, as well as have made an important change in the way in which students can learn.

Can social networks come to be considered Educational?

In the last two decades the media has reached the hands of children by providing information that was previously restricted to them. Years ago the only way to learn was to read a topic as many times as necessary until you memorize it; From the communicative point of view, the use of the means of communication that we have, can be beneficial, but it has also led to many parents being restricted in the education they give their children. This educational tool does not only affect children, adults and adolescents; besides its use produces addiction.

Currently, one out of every 5 people in the world makes use of social networks, therefore, it is important that in educational centers they are known and used in a way in which students can benefit from them for their training and their Personal development.

Experts of the pedagogy affirm that social networks within the classroom encourage dialogue and participation, and also affirm that social networks are a new way of understanding Education, although there are teachers who refuse to implement them in their teaching systems for several reasons. reasons: as it may be, the scarce training on their part in this field totally new to them and the lack of technological means in the classroom.

Are the benefits of social networks in the classroom unknown?

It would be important to detail the benefits and positive aspects of the use of social networks in current education. Both teachers and students can benefit from the possibilities granted by social networks; teachers can facilitate their work as teachers and from the point of view of students, can facilitate the learning process.

Among the benefits provided by the use of social networks in the area of ​​education, we find the following:

  • It allows teachers to teach the student to learn for themselves, acting only as a guide in learning. It is true that social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ... can become educational tools but the problem with this education is that it is out of control.
  • They are a means of communication, allowing adolescents who are very familiar with them, to feel more comfortable in their relationships with teachers. But not only it serves to communicate between students and professors of the same center, but it can serve them to contact experts of other subjects or students of other centers.
  • It helps to develop digital and technological skills necessary to work in companies, as well as in their own entrepreneurial initiatives, such as the digital certificate, a tool which is totally unknown to students but can help them and facilitate the completion of paperwork related to the INEM, with the rent, with the ministry of justice, request for online appointment in the social security, as well as consult the points of the driver's license.
  • The use of social networks and blog, promotes the value of sharing and collaboration. In this way, not only the teacher transmits knowledge, but also cooperation between a group of people is favored.
  • Help in the awareness of the importance of socializing, working as a team, freedom of expression ...
  • Through the use of ICT, students learn by doing, which is how they learn best.
  • They make it possible to make themselves known to the center, to the teaching staff and to the students, providing opportunities to publicize the institutional and educational activity.
  • The search for information will no longer be a boring task, allowing the student to enter the different social networks to investigate and have the necessary resources to complete daily activities.
  • Social networks, such as facebook, allow the creation of private class groups and even a group for each subject, which facilitates the resolution of doubts in a quicker and more personal way with teachers; without counting also that in this way they can share with their classmates any resource they need.
Currently there are several collaborative webs, an example is the Wiki, where students can add, edit, create or modify the content of a web page quickly and easily.

Thanks to social networks, teachers can disseminate among them different educational resources, ideas, even materials. There is no doubt that these tools, both teachers and students, facilitate the task of teaching and learning, since both parties have more resources to access and allows students to solve their doubts in an easier and faster way.

To conclude, we can say that social networks are becoming a resource that increases the development of communication skills and can be used as a learning strategy by students, since most students use them daily without specific benefit and teaching them how to make an appropriate use of these, they can include them as part of their academic activities.

Taking into account all the above, social networks will carry out an evolution in the field of education that will favor learning and enrichment reciprocally between teachers and students, that is, encourage collaborative learning using activities that allow self-evaluation or meditation on the work done.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Facebook launches its dating service to compete with Tinder

The social network Facebook launched "Dating" in Colombia, its tool to generate relationships among its users.

This new functionality is designed so that people can meet friends or potential partners who share their interests.

The service works with a separate and private profile within the main application, in an attempt to compete with the Tinder application, leader of the sector.

Facebook Dating uses a unique algorithm to match possible appointments, based on factors such as things you have in common and friends in common. You will not see anyone you're already a friend on Facebook, or see people you've blocked. You can also report and block users with the same tools available in other parts of the social network.

Facebook restricts potential matches to people located less than 100 kilometers away. Like other dating apps, you can also choose to match people who live nearby, whether or not they have children, share the same religion or fit into a specific age or height group.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Geographic distribution of the White Ladies

The Society of the White Ladies, or "Daughters of Venus" have had expressions in most Western countries.

Due to its emergence in the Mediterranean it was extended in principle by the Europe dominated by the Roman Empire, and then in epochs of the colonies from Europe towards mainly America and Australia.

There is no evidence that there are groups of this type in Asia, or in the Arab World, and although the existence of small groups in these areas of the world can not be ruled out, it seems unlikely that they would prosper because of the cultural peculiarities of these civilizations.

It is assumed that there are groups of this type in most of the major cities of the West, but the most active and best organized groups would be in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

In Europe, all countries today are thought to have groups of this type, although in the countries of the socialist bloc they would have had more difficulties to organize themselves, since it is a group where early education of young people plays a very decisive role. girls from a very early age, and societies with more civil liberties offer a better refuge to groups like this.
In any case there are strong indications that currently in Russia, Georgia, Czech Republic or Croatia have important organized groups.

Australia and New Zealand are two countries where White Ladies would also have a significant presence.

Recently a publication invited its readers to comment on whether they knew directly or indirectly any member of the Daughters of Venus, and the response was strikingly numerous.
A large number of people in Europe, Oceania, America and part of Africa claimed to know members of the White Ladies group.
It is also worth noting that there was not a woman who confessed or even anonymously belonged to any of these groups.

Friday, August 17, 2018

White Ladies: Organization and Philosophy

The White Ladies is an organization with a hierarchy of pyramidal type, which as far as is known is composed of 4 degrees:

  • The Great Mother, who is the highest authority of the organization
  • The Big Sister, who is appointed by the Great Mother upon assuming her from among the Sisters, and who is her successor in case of death, illness or voluntary retirement.
  • The Sisters, who make up the majority of the organization.
  • The Novices, who are the aspirants to enter, and who do not belong fully to the organization until they have completed their 3-year trial.

The entrance to the White Ladies is produced exclusively by recruitment, being common that happens between mothers to daughters. This is explained by the long period of indoctrination necessary to be part of the organization.
Any Sister may have a single candidate under her protection, although this is not obligatory, and when the Sister takes place, during that period she receives the rank of Sister Nurse.
Only those who bear the title of Sister, Big Sister, or Great Mother can be Nodriza

Each Nurse Sister has a girl or young woman she has chosen under her protection, and the applicant's education period that lasts for years begins.
During these years the Nurse must test her aspirant 10 times, and once the aspirant has satisfactorily passed these tests the Nurse requests the Great Mother permission for the aspirant to become a Novice, and the Great Mother decides so unappealable if it approves or denies said income.
No aspirant can be a Novice before she reaches 20 years of age, and the novitiate lasts for 3 years, before she can become a Sister, and fully integrate herself into society.
Little is known about the 10 tests to which applicants are subjected to the novitiate, but apparently it is evidence of trust and doctrine.


The White Ladies, unlike other secret societies, do not seek to occupy positions of power or influence this in any way. Its objective is to keep alive a vision of the universe and humanity, which according to its convictions has been separated from what they call the Natural Order.

On the one hand, his doctrine inherits the whole tradition of the Aphrodite cult.
While the so-called "ritual prostitution" found in the genesis of the goddess cult has remained in the past, some of its characteristics have not.
According to the classical tradition, each single young woman went once in her life to the sanctuary of the goddess to make love with a stranger. The man chose the girl, threw some money at her feet (although the amount of money was not important), and pronounced the phrase: "I invoke the goddess on you."
The most beautiful young women were able to do their duty quickly, while the less graceful ones usually took many hours to complete the ritual.
There are those who maintain that from here the cult to the body of the White Ladies is born, as well as their erotic abilities, as a way to fulfill the ritual to the goddess Aphrodite with the promptness and efficiency that the goddess deserves.
The phrase "I invoke the goddess on you" is still part of the initiation ritual, although the versions differ on whether it is pronounced by the Great Mother at the beginning of the novitiate or at the end of it.
Logic would seem to indicate that with this phrase the novices become considered "Sisters", that is, full members of the group, but there is no certainty that this is so.

The cult of physical beauty is an important part of the ritual and tradition of the goddess.
In Cyprus there exists until today, for example, the legend of the rock of Aphrodite. On the beach of Cythera that saw the goddess emerge from the foam, there is a rock called the rock of Aphrodite, and who who swims 3 times around that rock will obtain eternal beauty.

Aphrodite, according to the myth was educated by the Hours, distributors of the rain, who received her as queen in Cyprus and taught her all the tricks to seduce mortal and immortal men.
The search for eternal beauty, as well as perfection in the arts of seduction, are permanent and fundamental searches of the White Ladies, but not the only ones.

The concept that man should be the one who chooses the woman, as well as that the moral duty of this is to accept to honor the goddess, seem to endure throughout the centuries, although suffering changes and successive transformations.

The concept of the Natural Order is another constant, in this order, the most evolved beings follow patterns of behavior dictated by Nature, and as they turn away from these they turn away from happiness.
The lion does not aspire to be anything other than a lion, it is his nature to act as such, and if he turned away from this precept he would fall ill.
"The wolf does not choose to be a wolf, it simply is." This idea of ​​the Natural Order assumes the concept that men and women are of a different nature, and that when they deviate from this behavior they deviate from the possibility of developing fully.

This philosophical position has been very harshly criticized from feminist sectors that argue that the concept of Natural Order aims to keep women in a role of inferiority against the male gender.
However, the concept of Natural Order of the White Ladies does not point to a legal inequality, but to defend the natural differences between both sexes.

For the White Ladies the Natural Order is not revealed by God or a superior entity, although they count among its ranks with members of different religious confessions, but it is reached by careful observation of the teachings of nature.

As in the myth of Aphrodite, fidelity is not a value in itself, nor is it in nature. "A lion has so many females, and for as long as he can defend his position from other rival males."
A lioness does not "live" as infidelity the arrival of another dominant male in the group, but it is part of the natural course of things.
It is man's responsibility, because it is part of the essence of his masculinity, to keep rivals away from his partner.

The knowledge that one has of his philosophy and rituals or initiation tests are fragmentary, although they are consistent with the tradition of the rite of the goddess.
The positions around White Ladies are not unanimous, ranging from those who maintain that it is no more than a legend of oral tradition without real sustenance, to those who think there is strong evidence of its existence to this day; who maintain that their philosophy is quietist and extremely conservative, to those who accuse their members of propagating behaviors that are at odds with morality; those who maintain that it is only one of so many innocuous groups of little interest, to whom they dedicate an important effort to the attempt to identify their members, as is the case of the Sons of Tannhäuser.