Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Smell of luck

The last time I bought incense I did it in a supermarket, and besides looking very expensive, I have not been very satisfied with the aroma.
The truth is that slowly burning the chair in the living room would have been more or less the same, I paid for something that smells of burnt wood, despite the fact that the box presumed to be lemon.

It is clear that I have to buy another brand, of those that sell at fairs, but hey, if I do not even know when it's Thursday ..., like now, I just discovered that Thursday was yesterday.
The good thing is that only 6 days are missing for the next one, it's not so much.
But less than the day I remember the Thursday fair, and the incense sticks, much less!

The other day I was talking to my mother and I asked her if she would not have a wand that she could give me, and that same night I had 12 boxes full of incense of all the perfumes and colors at home.
That's a couple of days ago, and until now I opened a little box at random, I took out a wand, I lit it, and that's it.

But not today, today I'm a little more attentive to these details, and I've been given that I should choose an aroma that was with the moment.
And what is the moment? This moment? I do not know, no one worth remembering without hesitation.

I look at the boxes scattered on the trunk that serves as a small table, in front of the stove.
All bring out some very striking colors, large letters indicating the aroma, and smaller some enigmatic phrases, which I guess will serve to guide us on what wand, what aroma is appropriate.

Sandalwood - Meditation, Spirituality and Good Luck!

I am not too spiritual but good, I could serve, to meditate I am quite rotten, but good luck never hurts.

FengShui - To harmonize your home and office
That's good, with a wand I harmonize everything, that I have everything together, house and office let's say.

Jasmine - Enthusiasm, Pleasure and Attraction
It sounds great, the enthusiasm could help, but I'm worried about the attraction, how my things have been going lately, the most likely thing is that it attracts a lightning bolt, or a meteorite.
Today I pass.

Luna - Sensuality, Pleasure and Good Dreams
Sensuality ... ta barbaric if you come with company, sensuality to sit down to program php alone is a mess.

I do not know, che ...
There's the one that I think I need now: Sandalwood and Floral - Quick Luck.
I need luck urgently.

Although to be honest, it would be enough for me to smell good.

I went, I lit it, and there it is; It's pretty smooth, it's not bad, although it's been on for 40 seconds and I still have not won the lottery or called me the woman of my dreams.
You have to settle for the perfume ... it's not bad, it's not the eighth wonder, but hey, that's what it is.

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