Sunday, November 19, 2006

back-from-conference bullets

  • The presentations went well. And by "well" I mean I didn't trip over myself too often (literally or figuratively), there were people in both audiences (~5 in one, ~50 in another) and I managed the no-notes-(although-guided-by-a-powerpoint)-connecting-to-the-audience-with-inflection approach fairly well.
  • I got perhaps eight hours of sleep, total, while I was there. Why can I not sleep at conferences? I can sleep in hotels in other situations just fine. This is not a good character trait for an academic who expects to do the conference thing for years to come. Maybe I need to drink more.
  • Can I tell you how happy I am to have my very own bed in the next room?
  • I didn't see as many familiar faces at the conferences as I'd hoped but, then again, I wasn't there very long. I did manage to catch up with a few people I like, though.
  • I miss Grad School Friend. We are such fundamentally different people but she is just so great. I suspect I drive her nuts a fair bit of the time - between my short fuse, tendency to curse, and unwillingness to suffer fools gladly - but she takes it with good grace. Good friend, indeed.
  • Did I mention how happy I am to sleep in my own bed tonight?
  • I have another date tomorrow. Little nervous about that. Which is ridiculous yet true.

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