Thursday, November 23, 2006

it's not you, it's me

At some point, I have to consider the possibility that I'm the one who causes all the problems in the (potential) relationship. There is absolutely no reason not to like Nice Guy; we can talk for hours, he is more than interested in me, we have so many things in common that I'm constantly surprised - so what's wrong with me that I don't feel anything when we're together - not aversion, not excitement, not boredom, not anticipation, not anything.

I met some girlfriends at a local place after dinner with NG; after a few pints, we met additional girlfriends at another local place. Guys everything - none of them paying the least bit of attention to me, but that's generally the case. As one of the girls explained to me tonight (after several rum and cokes, or perhaps she wouldn't have been so honest): "Honey, no guy is ever going to come up to you in a bar. You're're don't need them and they know it. Guys don't like independence. You need to be a little more needy." Oh, but I am - but I'm not about to show it.

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