Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the thing is, I want to do it

I'm spearheading a proposal for a new study abroad program in one of my departments. Yes, as a brand-new faculty member. A colleague/mentor of mine actually yelled at me today when I told her this and I completely understand her point. This is not the best use of my time and resources as a first-year faculty member since I should obviously be concentrating on my writing and research agendas if I intend to vie for tenure. Thing is, though, I really want to do this - not the admin, that pretty much sucks, but the teaching abroad. The fact that this university appears to value international teaching and learning experiences was a big draw for me, and I've said as much to various people in positions of power - which led my DH to mention my name to one of my deans as a possible candidate for another teaching abroad opportunity. Nothing will come of that for ages but, still, I'm taking it as a good sign that (A) he remembered my interest and (B) he thought I was worth mentioning.

Anyway, point is this: I've been sitting at my computer for the last four hours, revising and extending the proposal for this program. The full proposal is due Monday; I need input from my program colleagues, plus a few other interested parties, before I submit it; so my part needed to happen tonight. It hasn't bothered me in the least. I have been completely caught up in planning the possible details of this program: texts to study, locations to visit, students to participate. Usually, when I'm writing something of equivalent detail and import, I'm ready to bang my head against the table within 30 minutes (see: latest conference paper), so this is a very pleasant revelation at the end of a productive evening.

[And I haven't forgotten about the next installment of my love life series, if anyone at all is interested, but it isn't going to happen tonight. I'll try tomorrow.]

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